ANTRO GROUP is an experienced wind energy company, represented by an international alliance of Partners with local presence in Belgium (HQ), the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Ukraine.

The Partners of the company have more than 15 years of successful track records in Sales & Purchase of wind turbines, project management and supply of wind energy services. We operate a wide network of professionals across the globe and can find immediate and economic solution for most of the project needs.

Trade of used, never used and refurbished wind turbines is the original long term expertise of Antro Group. Our Portfolio consists of the most reliable and proven brands and types of MW class wind turbines. The company realized more than 200 international projects delivering to its Customers maximum support with supply of the wind turbines and attached services.

Nowdays, ANTRO GROUP is taking a role of the turnkey project manager, both on the wind turbines Sellers and Buyers sides. Through many years we work with reliable and proven Service Partners, securing that all implemented works are performed with high level of professionalism, safety and efficiency.

The Buyers of wind turbines benefit from our international experience, customised search and advise on selection of the equipment. We do not leave our Customers alone with the purchased equipment! We walk along with them through the project realization providing our professional support, involving our trusted service partners and thinking together for the best appropriate solutions. The scope of service support may include technical inspections, dismantling, loading, transportation, refurbishment, installation, commissioning, O&M and other.

ANTRO GROUP, together with affiliated companies, is one of the market leaders in wind turbines decommissioning in Europe. We perform as the main contract party for the Wind Park Owners, managing and coordinating all scope of works in order to hedge possible risks caused by dealing with multiple independent contractors. This involvement allows us to keep proper time schedule, arrange fluent communication channels and guarantee the operational smoothness of the Wind Turbines removal process. We offer complete package of services, including purchase of used wind turbines, project management, HSE coordination, wind turbines dismantling, demolishing activities (if appropriate), foundation removal, administrative support and other. We have successfull track records in cooperation with large scale market players, winning of public auctions and setting up and leading the wind turbines sales tender processes.

Trade of Energy Equipment is separate business line of ANTRO GROUP, which is supported by long term trustworthy relationships with major players in energy market. The Portfolio consists of multiple options of used Combined Cycle Power Plants, never used gas turbines and other opportunities.

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Trade of MW class Wind Turbines

Turn key Decommissioning

Trade of Energy Equipment

ANTRO GROUP is an experience trader of second hand wind turbines, such as  Used wind turbines, Never Used wind turbines and Refurbished wind turbines. We operate within the range of the most popular MW class models, such as Vestas V80 2 MW, Vestas V90 2 MW, Vestas V90 3 MW, Nordex N80 2,5 MW, Nordex N90 2,5 MW, Enercon E66 1,8 and 2 MW, Enercon E70 2 MW, Suzlon S88 2,1 MW, Vestas V66 1,65 and 1,75 MW, Enercon E82 2,3 and 3 MW, and more powerful models. The cooperation with ANTRO GROUP gives the following benefits to the Used wind turbines' Buyes:


  • Guarantee of the Transaction quality and reliability
  • Success in the negotiations
  • Assurance of the wind turbines timely availability and supply
  • Support with the operations


ANTRO GROUP is a unique source of Never Used wind turbines, units which were left in stock due to the project cancellations.

  • Never installed wind turbines, brand NEW
  • Exclusivity of supply
  • Directly available from the stock
  • Top technical condition
  • Discounted price level
  • Bankable product

ANTRO GROUP is a professional supplier of the Refurbished wind turbines, with the works performed in accordance with the highest standards:


  • Refurbishment scope performed by Top-tire suppliers
  • Price efficiency
  • Warrantees
  • Updrades
  • Optimized logistics


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Repowering process in Europe plays an important role to increase the global capacity of installed green power.  ANTRO GROUP is actively involved into wind turbines decommissioning part of this process providing support to the Wind park owners to release the place for new projects by performing the below scope of services related to the removal of existing wind parks:

  • Technical inspections
  • Performance analyses
  • Project management
  • Purchase of wind turbines
  • Administrative support (permits)
  • HSE coordination
  • Dismantling of wind turbines
  • Demolishing activities
  • Recycling activities
  • Logistic solutions
  • Storage
  • Removal of wind turbines from the site
  • Foundation demolishing and removal
  • Ground works and other

All operations are performed under main contracting of ANTRO GROUP or its affiliated companies proving local expertise and deep knowlegde of market regulations, safety proceedures and requirements.

Within many years of active presence in energy sector, ANTRO GROUP has established strong business relationships with major utility scale players in Europe.

Therefore, among of wind energy equipment, ANTRO GROUP operates large Portfolio of opportunities comprising different types of used and never used energy equipment and energy production plants. For instance, we can currently offer more than 30 Combined Cycle Power Plants of different capacities, in the range of 400 MW per each group.

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