ANTRO GROUP operates extended portfolio of Used wind turbines for sale, Never Used wind turbines, Refurbished wind turbines with warrantees and other energy equipment.

On this page you will find Special Offers, Company's news, together with our experience sharing on executed projects.

04-03-2020  //  EQUIPMENT  SALES

Used wind turbines for sale

ANTRO GROUP Portfolio offers the most popular MW class used wind turbines available at the market, such as

Vestas V80 2 MW

Vestas V90 2 MW

Vestas V90 3 MW

Nordex N80 2,5 MW

Nordex N90 2,5 MW

Enercon E66 1,8 MW & 2 MW

Enercon E70 2 MW

Enercon E82 2,3 & 3 MW

Vestas V126 3,45 MW

All these units can be offered in Refurbished condition with the warrantees.

Please contact us immediately in case of your interest.


04-03-2020  //  EQIPMENT SALES

4 units of Vestas V80 2 MW used wind turbines available in 2020

Several  units of Vestas V80 on 78 m towers are directly available for sale. The wind turbines are still in operation and can be dismantled during year 2020. Good technical condition, technical reports and production data are available on request. ANTRO GROUP can offer a wide range of the follow up services, such as dismantling, loading, transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


04-03-2020  //  EQIPMENT SALES

Exclusively offered by Antro Group!

ANTRO GROUP has successfully closed the sales of Never used 10 units of Suzlon S88 2,1 MW wind turbines. The wind turbines will be refurbished and installed for Projects in Middle Asia.

Good news! There are 2 additional units currently available for sale. Top technical condition, non-stop regular maintenance performed during all the storage period.


15-02-2020  //  EQIPMENT SALES

5 units Vestas V90 3 MW will be repowered in Q2 2021

Due to the repowering process, 5  units Vestas V90 on 78 m towers will be dismantled in 2021.  The turbines are well maintained and  located  inland. The  bids are accepted for earlier availability as well.


02-02-2020  //  EQIPMENT SALES

13 units of Vestas V66 1650 kW and 1750 kW are for sale

There is a good opportunity to purchase big volume of Vestas V66 wind turbines from the same wind park. All units will be dismanrled in 2020. Feel free to contact us for more information.


10-01-2020  //  EQIPMENT SALES

Up to 10 units of Vestas V90 3  MW are for sale in 2021

The "most wanted" by many investors used wind turbines are now for sale! Up to 10 units of V90 3000 kW on 105 m towers will be dismantled in 2021. Earlier availability is negotiable.  Don't hesitate to  contact us  immediately for placing  your order.


10-06-2018  //  COMPANY NEWS

Footprint in the offshore wind development

We are proud to share the below update on unique project in France, where Antro Group has brokered the supply of never used Vestas V80 wind turbine for the demonstration offshore floating platform!

In October 2017, there was held an important for the industry event in the port of St-Nazaire - inauguration of  Floatgen - mounted Vestas V80 2 MW wind turbine on ring-shaped concrete platform, developed by French ingineering company Ideol. Aside from the platform design, Floatgen features a number of other innovative solutions, from the composition of the concrete and its construction to the nylon mooring lines. The floater can be adapted for the turbines up to 15 MW.

On 29th of April 2018, Floatgen demonstrator has left the harbour to reach SEM REV test site, 12 km offshore from the Le Croisic coast. The floating structure has been  already tested  by five meter Atlantic waves and wind speed of 15 m/s in the days immediately after installation. Source:

16-10-2017  //  EQIPMENT SALES

Wind park Substation for sale

The entire 220/110 kV Substation built to support 300 MW wind park is now for sale. It was fully constructed in 2012-2014, but never came into operation. GIS technology - ALSTOM (GE). Antro Group can offer engineering services to connect and integrate the Substation to the Customer project.


24-08-2017  // EQUIPMENT  SALES

13 units of Enercon E66 1800 kW for sale

Good volume of same wind turbines type is currently available. 13 units of Enercon E66 1800 kW, year 2002, 65 m HH, will be dismantled in the beginning of September 2017. Full time EPK. The turbines come from the low wind site, in good technical condition. We can offer heavy discount for multiple units purchase. We will dismantle and load the turbines on your trucks. Contact us immediately in case of your interest.


27-07-2017  // EQUIPMENT  SALES

Never used Vestas V80 2 MW for sale

1 unit Vestas V80 is for sale from OEM stock. Immediately available. Year 2008. Mint technical condition. 80 m tower. Foundation ring is supplied.  The wind turbine will be delivered complete and on FOB conditions.


07-07-2017  // EQUIPMENT  SALES

100 MW Gas Turbine for sale

Never used General Electric Gas Turbine is offered for sale. 100 MW nominal capacity, 50 Hz.   The Turbine comes together with complete set of the accessory equipment (generator, intercooler system, battery systems and other). Ready to be installed. Directly available in stock. Good technical condition. Attractive price range.


21-06-2017  // COMPANY NEWS

6 used wind turbines E66 project update

ANTRO GROUP has successfully closed 1st stage of the project which included supply of 6 units Enercon E66 1800 kW and 2000 kW, executed the wind turbines dismantling by the Partner company, together with providing delivery to the port and storage services. The wind turbines were previously in operation for 15 years in German Osteel wind park, which is under repowering with new E82 units. Follow the link to see operational pictures together with article in Brookmerland (in German).

 New home for these wind turbines is warm Greece! All units have already reached their destination. We are now preparing for the 2nd stage of the project to execute installation and commissioning.


06-06-2016  // COMPANY NEWS

Never used Vestas V80 2 MW goes to France

ANTRO GROUP has competed sales of 1 more unit of Never used Vestas V80 2 MW. This time it was delivered to a Customer in France. Our manager has arranged and executed the wind turbine's inspection together with the Customer at the storage place. After that, the turbine was supplied at FOB conditions. The wind turbine was delivered with all complete components, including new bolts. The Customer arranged appropriate sea transportation and all the components, including foundation ring, were delivered to the new site in south of France. Follow the link to see few pictures  of operational process.


08-08-2014  // COMPANY NEWS

Vestas V90 2 MW are in operation in Finland

ANTRO GROUP has finalized project based on sales of 3 units Vestas V90 2 MW wind turbines to three different Customers.  These units were supplied in Never used state, directly from OEM's premises. The wind turbines  were produced in 2008 but the project was never realized and after few years the Owner made a decision to sell them. The wind turbines were stored in accordance  with the manufacturer's recomendations and passed through all preservation  measures. The Customers were satisfied with the condition of the equipment and later reported that they had no major issues during installation, start up and  operation of V90s in Finland. Follow the link to see few pictures  of operational process.